OxeBox – Paperless Billing Receipts platform for retailers and consumers

OxeBox is a smart Paperless Billing Receipts platform for retailers and consumers to eliminate dumb, conventional paper bill receipts in any retail transaction.

OxeBox – Paperless Billing Receipts   https://www.oxebox.com  –  OxeBox is building a smart paperless bill receipt platform for retailers to eliminate conventional paper bill receipts. Consumers can view all their smart receipts on OxeBox mobile app. This will save tons of paper, printing cost, reduce carbon footprints and increase engagement with end users.
OxeBox - Paperless Billing Receipts
OxeBox – Paperless Billing Receipts

In an app based economy the way people buy and pay has changed for good but bill receipts are still in paper format.
Unlike the bills available today, OxeBox bills are smart and interactive. It allows any retailer to customise bills with videos, promotional offers and social media handles as well as receive feedback. OxeBox will reduce greenhouse gases by replacing paper bill receipts with paperless bill receipts for any retail transaction.

OxeBox platform has three components in its ecosystem to enable paperless billing:

1) POS(Point of Sale) solution – Restful API that can be integrated with any POS system to push bills on OxeBox platform – Ready to deploy
2) Retailer – Dashboard to enable bill customization by retail stores – Ready to use
3) Consumers – Mobile and web app to view bills – Published on PlayStore and AppStore

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