The Solar Nerd – Resources to help the homeowner go solar. The Solar Nerd is an online community of solar homeowners and an information resource to help people decide whether going solar is right for them. Our solar cost calculator will instantly tell you the estimated payback period for a… Continue Reading The Solar Nerd – Resources to help the homeowner go solar.

TheChecker offers email address verification solutions that improve data quality, deliverability, and email marketing ROI. We’ve developed an email verification tool, which has one of the best deliverability rates and speed on the market. We have a web app that verifies email lists, a copy-and-paste integration that you can add… Continue Reading The Checker – Email verification Application

Truly WP – Premium Managed WordPress Hosting TrulyWP is a Premium Managed WordPress hosting platform. A fully-managed hosting solution built on top of Google Cloud, TrulyWP lets your WordPress or WooCommerce sites deliver blazingly fast page load times for users. All WordPress sites hosted on TrulyWP enjoy: 5GB SSD Storage… Continue Reading Truly WP – Premium Managed WordPress Hosting

RemoteOne – RemoteOne helps freelancers run their business smoothly. Our unique blend of time-tracking, invoicing and project management makes business simple. RemoteOne automatically converts your currencies, calculates timezone differences and updates your clients with real-time project dashboards, making it the perfect companion for remote workers. It also has all of… Continue Reading RemoteOne – Time Tracking & Invoicing for Remote Freelancers

Blue Box Storage – Enjoy the peace of mind, convenience and flexibility you get with Blue Box Storage Blue Box Storage – Imagine a storage container that conveniently appears in your driveway or right at your curb. One that is only there when you need it. You can put your… Continue Reading Blue Box Storage

Froot Research – Froot, is a research & development startup with focus on realization of human-like or superior intelligence through computation models. Froot’s intuitive and target-less Artificial intelligence models power all their product and make them stand out. Froot was named Artificial Intelligence Startup of the Year 2018 by business… Continue Reading Froot Research – is the easiest way to visualize the project plan and schedule the work of the whole team. Create a plan for your project. Divide the project into stages, tasks and place them on the timeline. Specify the scope of tasks and assign employees. Share the link to… Continue Reading – Plan projects faster and clearer – is start up by Nisha and Guddi in more than 50 years of there age. Started from a small boutique geekmonkey is now the most unique upcoming successful startup. We have gifts that are not only Unique and quirky but also have the utility value with it.… Continue Reading – Never Seen Before Utility Gift Web-store

SFarmsIndia – Welcome to SFarmsIndia; a peer to peer marketplace to buy & sell Agriculture lands and land contracts..The objective of SFarmsIndia is to transform barren and waste lands into cultivate lands and value add on agri ecosystem. SFarmsIndia is an agri land marketplace to discover, buy and sell Agri… Continue Reading SFarmsIndia – India’s First Agri Land Marketplace

Jessie – Jessie is a personal digital health assistant, providing care coordination and access to today’s leading women’s health services. Since its inception in June 2018 as a women’s health e-commerce platform and community, Jessie has grown its network of digital health services into one of the most comprehensive platforms… Continue Reading Jessie – an online health assistant

Loom Solar Private Limited – Loom Solar is an e-commerce platform headquartered in Delhi NCR, It sells solar systems, top International and Indian brands with Installations, government approvals and promised delivery within 3 days across India. It is recognized as startup by government of India. our products are solar panel,… Continue Reading Loom Solar – India’s Premium Solar Brand Store

Darkwater Cybersecurity Solutions Private Limited – Darkwater™ Cybersecurity Consulting exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate… Continue Reading Darkwater Cybersecurity Solutions – We Secure IT

Waiterio – Waiterio Restaurant POS is an easy-to-use ordering system for restaurants and bars and is the fastest way to handle restaurants’ orders. Waiterio makes the life of waiters and cooks easier by managing everything in the most efficient way and gives you more space to think while everything is… Continue Reading Waiterio – POS ordering system for restaurants and bars – It’s simple: import mobile app screen designs, trace them and export as code. **PROBLEM Creating ideas as quickly as possible to test, validate and iterate is essential to building successful products. The more time between the new ideas and the end users who use them; the greater the… Continue Reading – Turn designs into code

eDeliveryApp is an Online Food Ordering and Delivery Software for single restaurants or Multi-restaurant food ordering and delivery businesses like Delivery hero, lieferando, Lieferheld, foodora, hellofresh, deliveroo etc.The software can also be used for any other local delivery service like Grocery Delivery, Alcohol Delivery etc.The system can be customised for… Continue Reading eDeliveryApp

CBCRUNCH LLC – cbCrunch provides PPM solutions for Strategic Planning , Cost Benefit Analysis, and Decision Making that address the major concerns of decisions and planning. It provides an integrated collaborative environment that will allow decision makers to understand the impact of projects, decide on the right project, and monitor… Continue Reading CBCRUNCH – ULTIMATE Planning and Decision making platform.

Voolsy Screen – Digital Signage Solution to Communicate Visually Voolsy Screen – Any popular brand spends worth a marketing budget on TV and digital display screens but the story does not end here. The biggest juggle in using the giant screens is handling them to push the marketing content. While… Continue Reading Voolsy Screen – Digital Signage Solution to Communicate Visually

FareFerry Inc – FareFerry is here to push your comfort, bringing your travel passion out and letting you explore in a way you could have never anticipated. FareFerry is exquisitely designed for user-friendly options to book flights, hotels and car rentals to any destination worldwide. Visit FareFerry Inc Tweets by… Continue Reading FareFerry Inc – Book flight tickets online

Livecoins – Livecoins is a portal with cryptocurrency resources. We’re transforming the website into the best place for beginners to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We provide news, guides, analysis, articles, price index, tools, and information on bitcoin, digital currencies, and the blockchain movement as a whole in Brazil. Visit… Continue Reading Livecoins – Cryptocurrency news and tools

Hashcademy – is an online learning platform with a focus on career readiness and user education in the blockchain industry. Our courses and researches cover topics like how blockchain works, blockchain applications and blockchain programming. Visit Hashcademy Tweets by Hashcademy Quick Links Get Featured on Startup Directory Startup… Continue Reading Hashreader – A blockchain education community

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