Miosalon-online salon and spa software Miosalon   https://www.miosalon.com/  –  MioSalon-An Online Salon & Spa Software that manages all aspects of Salon & Spa business. It has Appointment Scheduling, Online Booking, Billing, Marketing, Dynamic Customer Feedback system, Analytic & Complete POS solution,detailed Client, Staff and Inventory management plus API to Accounting Software such… Continue Reading Miosalon-online salon and spa software

CryptoLinks.com – World’s Best Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Directory CryptoLinks.com   https://cryptolinks.com/  –  Fee to use cryptocurrency website collection site, to help crypto community to grow, learn and expand. You will get all the information whether you are complete newbie or professional trader, form cryptocurrency exchange to mining of bitcoin and altcoins. https://cryptolinks.com/

Snapchat Emoji Meanings Snapchat Emoji Meanings  http://www.snapchatsemojimeanings.com/snapchat-emoji-meanings/  – you can get all snapchat emojis meanings and send this beautiful emojis with your contact list friends. https://bit.ly/2Da7iwn https://goo.gl/7ozkur http://www.snapchatsemojimeanings.com

Cloudpap – Invovative cloud storage, cloud backup solution Cloudpap   https://www.cloudpap.com/  –  A platform that keeps data in the loud safe, providing cloud storage, cloud backup and cloud collaborations for personal and team use. https://www.cloudpap.com/

Kymeta Products – Stay connected with portable satellite devices Kymeta Products   https://satellitephonestore.com  –  Kymeta products are now at Satellite Phone Store. They offer a small range of satellite equipment/dishes that you can mount to anything so that you can stay connected to no matter where in the world you are. https://satellitephonestore.com

Tipalti – Global Mass Payments Tipalti   https://tipalti.com/  –  Tipalti is the only supplier payments automation solution to streamline all phases of the AP and payment management workflow in one holistic cloud platform. Tipalti makes it painless for accounts payable departments to manage their entire supplier payments operation. The solution addresses everything… Continue Reading Tipalti – Global Mass Payments

CryptoScoop  The CryptoScoop application delivers exclusive, high-quality news headlines from top cryptocurrency news publishers & monitors the events of crowdfunding, price’s, icos, signals & systematizes the information in a beautifully easy to use interface. Until now, users had to manually search for the news about Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other… Continue Reading CryptoScoop

SoftActivity. Computer Monitoring Software That Works Hard SoftActivity Monitor   https://www.softactivity.com/  –  Problems at the office? Employees shopping on eBay or wasting time on Facebook? Doing everything but working? Or worse, stealing company intellectual property? You’re putting a stop to it, right now. Monitor the computers of employees on your network in… Continue Reading SoftActivity. Computer Monitoring Software That Works Hard

60seconds App – Catch the moment 60seconds App   http://www.60seconds-app.com/  –  The 60seconds app enables you to preview, search and find events, clubs, locations bars etc near you and across the globe through video highlights. you will make a well-informed decision on where to spend your time and money after watching videos… Continue Reading 60seconds App – Catch the moment

Navigus – A Career Guidance Platform for Students, Professional for best fit-careers. Navigus   https://navigus.in  –  Navigus aims to create a perpetual mentoring platform that would empower students and professionals to gain clarity and exponentially increase their proficiency, with the most efficient investment of time, effort and money. Navigus does this through… Continue Reading Navigus – A Career Guidance Platform for Students, Professional for best fit-careers.

NEU NOMADS – Organic & Sustainable Womenswear Neu Nomads   https://neunomads.com/  –  Neu Nomads is an authentic women’s fashion brand offering loungewear-inspired apparel. Our fabrics are organic and dyed using non-toxic and sustainable practices. https://neunomads.com/

Indie Boost – Platform for discover video games Indie Boost   https://indieboost.com/  –  Get your game in the hands of thousands of verified Press, YouTubers and Streamers, in minutes. All your outreach in one place. https://indieboost.com/

ubii ubii   http://www.ubii.com/  Overview of Ubii A revolutionary new way to connects consumers to the service industry is about to hit the market. Ubii.com connects Service Seekers, on-demand, with any and all Service Providers (Ubiipreneurs). At no cost to the Service Seeker, Ubii lets you connect to the Ubiipreneur of… Continue Reading ubii

56K.Cloud – Innovation through Automation 56K.Cloud   https://56k.cloud  –  We are a Cloud & Technology Native solutions provider focusing on automation of cloud infrastructures. We are an experienced team which have been working with Cloud Native space since the beginning. https://56k.cloud

Dropee – B2B Procurement Marketplace Dropee   https://www.dropee.com/  –  Dropee is a one-stop B2B eProcurement Platform and Enterprise Solution for all types of businesses. Our B2B platform allows businesses to get connected to buy and sell in bulk, and the Enterprise Solution allows businesses to streamline their operational processes to work more… Continue Reading Dropee – B2B Procurement Marketplace

Chatkazam – We go where you are and want to be. Chatkazam   http://www.chatkazam.com  –  What I really like about the app is its full featured chatting, phone and social media vibe with custom emoji’s, group chats, the ability to attach not only snaps but all types of documents from word files… Continue Reading Chatkazam – We go where you are and want to be.

IntelligentBee Creates Own Shark Tank to Support Business Ideas of Employees IntelligentBee – https://intelligentbee.com/ – Iasi, Romania — Software services and technical support startup company IntelligentBee took a page from a ‘business reality show’ and is holding its own ‘Shark Tank’ competition, where the company’s employees are set to receive up to… Continue Reading IntelligentBee Creates Own Shark Tank to Support Business Ideas of Employees

Roadmap Planner helps create product strategies and visual roadmaps Roadmap Planner   https://www.roadmap-planner.io/  –  Roadmap Planner is a business productivity app for managers and entrepreneurs that will help users to build marketing, business development and product vision roadmap, and show off it to the team and stakeholders. It will take you where… Continue Reading Roadmap Planner helps create product strategies and visual roadmaps

TechStorey – Platform to discover technology startups TechStorey   https://techstorey.com/  –  The TechStorey is an engaging place for the community to discover technology startups, products or services and for founders to share their products & services with the world. https://techstorey.com/

Kepler Finance Kepler Finance – Free global database of active blockchain businesses, funding rounds, teams and tokenized securities Kepler Finance   https://www.kepler.finance  –  We gather key data about the company across multiple sources, so that anyone researching the blockchain space can find it easily. Use Kepler Finance to learn about: * Active… Continue Reading Kepler Finance

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