ThingLink is the leading provider of visual media interaction tools. ThingLink enables adding interactive tags to any image, video or 360/VR image on the web and share the tagged media on websites, social networks, or blogs. Power viewer engagement, increase time spent on page, drive sales conversion, and more with… Continue Reading ThingLink – Image is a media platform.

Walkbase is the leading in-store analytics and marketing platform for retailers and airports to measure, optimise and personalise the omnichannel customer experience. Just like web analytics platforms have revolutionised the online shopping experience, Walkbase provides the same level of personalisation to brick-and-mortar stores through smartphone engagement. Based on patented indoor… Continue Reading Walkbase – Next generation retail analytics

Flowdock is a collaboration tool for technical teams. It’s real-time and super-integrated, something Google Wave could have been. Teams using Flowdock stay up-to-date, react in seconds instead of hours, and never forget anything. We partner with companies like Atlassian and Zendesk to provide seamless integration experiences. The founders have worked… Continue Reading Flowdock – Chat & Workspace for Teams

Founded in 2010, Enevo has a vision to transform the financial, environmental and social impact of waste. By collecting and analyzing data from refuse containers across the world, Enevo is able to create efficiencies, cut the cost of waste services and incentivize recycling. Enevo simplifies, de-risks and optimizes the waste… Continue Reading Enevo – Optimising Waste Collection

Audiodraft is your Music Department Online. And more. Audiodraft works with advertising agencies and production companies around the globe and represents more than 20,000 composers and sound designers from more than 120 countries. The company is redefining how audio is ordered, produced, and used in the creative industries. Audiodraft wants… Continue Reading Audiodraft – The Power of Audio

Holvi is the first digital banking service built for European micro-entrepreneurs, freelancers and the self -employed. Holvi combines everything a modern entrepreneur needs in one simple to use service; from digital business account to paperless bookkeeping and from invoicing and expense management to collecting payments through Holvi’s online store. The… Continue Reading Holvi – Banking for Makers and Doers

An affordable web-based Human Capital Management Solution unifying essential HR components on one platform. It requires a right technology for every enterprise that enhance better work life with a single application delivers business benefits for your organization. SwiftHCM makes it easier to manage your workforce and automate the HR services.… Continue Reading Swift HCM – Human Capital Management Solutions

Results driven online independent platform that facilitates the contact between software vendors and companies. We help companies make sense of complicated business problems. The software solutions found on swipx can be implemented immediately and are designed to add value to each part of the value chain. Permanent assistance is offered… Continue Reading Swipx – Search Engine for Software

Printcart is a India based print e-commerce company for small business, individual and industrial printing. Which offers digital printing, screen printing, offset printing, personalized products and different techniques of the printings. Printcart is headquartered in Andhra pradesh. The company mainly focuses on self employed professionals , small and medium scale… Continue Reading Printcart – India based print e-commerce company for small business

Talkus offers a complete customer success solution to engage and support customers. Talkus was founded in France in 2015. The company has offices in Paris, France and Princeton, NJ, USA. Talkus helps SMB offer amazing customer experiences. This provides our clients with a strategic differentiator and a competitive advantage. Talkus… Continue Reading Talkus is a simple and powerful customer success solution for Slack users

ContractRoom is the first cloud-based platform to automate mission critical document processes for any business transaction end-to-end. It can do the simple stuff such as provide electronic signature and storage, but more importantly, it simplifies the process where it begins – in negotiation. Getting people to agree in a productive… Continue Reading ContractRoom is the first cloud-based platform to automate mission critical document processes for any business transaction end-to-end.

Inteliclinic is an engineering studio specializing in artificial intelligence technologies and biological signal processing systems, such as the Neuroon – a revolutionary wearable mask that combines advanced brain wave and pulse measurement technology with a sleeping mask. Neuroon is a breakthrough in sleep science that combines state-of-the-art technology with the… Continue Reading Inteliclinic – Maker of Neuroon Inteligent Sleep mask

PressPad Inc. is one of the top digital publishing companies worldwide, helping publishers to step into the mobile world. Working with hundreds of magazines and more than one million readers, gave us unmatched insight into still young digital publishing market. PressPad provides mobile technology for digital publishers ( – We… Continue Reading PressPad – mobile technology for digital publishers

Brainly is a multinational educational startup based in Kraków, Poland and New York. Brainly operates a group of social learning networks for students and educators. The first website was launched in 2009 in Poland under the name, but now it has over 80 million unique users monthly from over… Continue Reading Brainly – fastest growing startup in EdTech space

Netguru is a Poland-based web and mobile development shop specializing in creating online software and outsourcing work. Headquartered in Poznan, Netguru designs, creates and implements systems and applications. The company has been on the market providing Ruby on Rails development services since 2008. As the mobile consumer market continues to… Continue Reading Netguru – Poland-based web and mobile development shop specializing in creating online software and outsourcing work.

Tools for Marketers Unamo provides the tools to let every team unleash their full potential. One platform. Many solutions. Measure, analyze and learn how to improve your website’s visibility. – Gain more traffic, improve your rankings and leave the competition behind. – Analyze all your social media data in one… Continue Reading Unamo – Tools for Marketers

Filmaster provides Netflix-like personalization and analytics solutions for the entertainment industry. We help cinema exhibitors and TV providers rapidly capture and analyse user preferences in order to deliver a comprehensive picture of the audience and drive incremental admissions / viewership. Benefits for cinemas, VOD providers and television networks: – Track… Continue Reading Filmaster – Entertainment Personalized

Growbots created the first all-in-one outbound sales platform. Enjoy automatic lead generation and managing email drip campaigns with CRM integration. All you need to do is set up a customer profile and schedule an email campaign to automatically generate new sales opportunities. Access 200 million high quality contacts and send… Continue Reading Growbots A.I. for Sales – our goal is to completely replace sales people with software!

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