Pepipost provides flexible Web and SMTP APIs, which can be integrated with your application or website to send all sorts of triggered and transactional emails.
In early 2015, Pepipost started with a single mission – to help startups and businesses send transactional emails in an efficient way with disruptive pricing.

Pepipost aims to fight against spam and make sure that emails get timely delivered and reach recipient’s inbox quickly, through following delivery guidelines, protocols and industry standards.

Pepipost is built on the philosophy to encourage good senders and to keep the email eco-system clean. 85% of today’s email is Spam and Pepipost don’t want to add up to that.

They built their pricing model so they don’t charge for the emails which are being opened by the customers. Emails that are clicked, opened or engaged with are free.

Industry stats says 35-40% is the average open rate, hence that much of email volumes can be free.

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