Pixelixe Image Editor Plugin SDK

Pixelixe Image Editor Plugin SDK – Integrate a fully customizable white label graphic and image editor into your website

Pixelixe Image Editor Plugin SDK – Offer a fully customizable graphic, image or PDF editor to your users.

Pixelixe makes it easy to create and edit graphics and rich images (even PDF). Discover how to integrate a design tool into your webapp and equip your website or web app with a powerful image and graphic editor. Add your branding materials (your logo and your colors) and offer an integrated “white-label” photo editor to your customers using our integrable API.

Using our API, you will remain in full control of the user experience and workflow, as soon as your users will get finished editing with the studio, our API will push created and edited documents directly in your web server. You will be able to perform whatever you want with the documents and redirect your users on the website of your choice.

Key features :
– Image Filtering
– Image Processing (Rotate, scale, flip, resize, crop, etc..)
– Graphic editing (Add text, photos, icons, frames, etc..)
– Benefits from millions of available background images and fonts.

Pixelixe Image Editor Plugin SDK

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