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Proche  –  Proche is a leading Indian core technology community backed digital publication, known for its end-to-end technology coverage from established and startup companies.
We work with a mission to empower a reader by providing a deep understanding of the core technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Electronics design. We also empower those who love to write and tell tech stories to the word by providing them an opportunity to earn from their content.
This is a community backed website and anyone can join us and become our revenue partner. One can buy stack in the company by paying a sum of amount at current market rate or can join as a contributing partner and can make money through our royalty program.
We also encourage startups and industry experts to come and contribute on our platform so that we contribute in a solid ecosystem.
We also back TBAI (Technology Bloggers Association of India) and encourage all tech bloggers to join this community. To join you can search TBAi on Google.

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