Quantexa – Quantexa is the only vendor to create a 360° network view of the customer, in real time, through dynamic entity resolution and network generation. By leveraging internal data and integrating external data sources, Quantexa helps organizations to create context and determine customer behaviors, connections and relationships.

We provide a central view on multiple lines of business, from fraud and credit risk to marketing and relationship management. We use open source technology to equip our clients with full control and flexibility of their data. Our solutions are fully integrative, so existing technology investments can be retained and clients are able leverage any future AI capabilities. Our product portfolio includes:

Entity resolution: We connect the dots between different data sources to bring together and resolve entities, creating a single customer view on a real-time and dynamic basis.

Network generation: Our technology creates networks between entities based on a range of different templates, enabling you to identify your customers’ behaviours and relationships in context.

Network analytics: Powered by artificial intelligence, our network-based scoring insights allow you to continuously learn and prioritise your customer risk and opportunities.

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