Rad Plaid – Live local shows just for you based on the artists you already love.

Rad Plaid   https://getradplaid.com  –  Rad Plaid makes enriching your life with local music as simple, friendly, and delightful as possible.

Based on your Spotify listening history, we’ll find you the best shows to attend accompanied by songs from the show. Learn more about your local bands, local venues, even buy tickets—all before you step inside.

While the internet has brought the world closer, the faceless nature of art has made it less meaningful. We are bringing back a sense of ownership to the people who embody their music scenes by getting people out to more shows and exposing them to the uniqueness of where they live.

We work with venues and artists to make sure we have the best and most accurate local events for fans. All show lineups are comprised of top songs from the artists respective Spotify or SoundCloud profiles. We then use Spotify’s many subgenres to determine which fans would be most interested in each show. For newer artists or those without a Spotify or SoundCloud presence, we offer a simple way to add them to the bill by creating a quick profile with their name and top genres all without leaving the event adding process. We then fill in the rest and make sure all shows are displayed to the right fans.

As a fan, you only need to sit back and continue listening to your favorite music or follow your favorite artists on Spotify to get the most out of Rad Plaid. Every week we’ll send out a digest of the best shows for the coming week, and whenever relevant, we’ll send an update when artists you follow are coming to your neck of the woods.

As a team of musicians, event planners, and fans we all felt strongly about finding a better way to get more fans out to shows. We already know why it matters to eat local, to shop local, and to drink local. We should listen local, too. Rad Plaid is an opportunity to encourage new fans to attend local shows without the baggage of not being “cool enough,” or the exhaustive feeling of not knowing where to start. I’ve been part of music scenes across the country for over two decades, and even I feel ostracized at times. By displaying a crafted feed of local shows to fans with music similar to artists you’re already familiar with on Spotify, we’re dramatically lowering the barrier to entry for everyone to show their local scene support.

Be part of your local music scene. Eat local, shop local, listen local. Join Rad Plaid.

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