RentALL script is the Airbnb clone script featuring 100 % source code, technical support, domain license, multi-currency, multi-language support system. The script can be customizable for vacation rental, Yacht charter rental, Bike sharing, Car rental, food sharing clone etc. We use advanced frameworks like react JS for developing the website similar to Airbnb. Our exclusive features for building the online marketplace as follows,

1.You can use multicurrency based on your country
2.User can make payment through PayPal or Credit Card.
3.Multiple admin, Give roles and permissions to subadmins.
4.Theme settings,Admin can change theme colors and font size.
5.You can use multi-languages based on your country
6.Responsive design.
7.List(post) management
8.Search Filtering
9.Revenue involving action(booking/reservation/renting ..etc)
10.Messaging system for communication
11.Review system to build brand trust

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