Wishfinity Wishfinity – Universal Wishlist Wishfinity – Wishfinity is your single universal wishlist. 1. Add everything you want to your free custom WishLink™. 2. Share your wishes via txt, email, apps or social. 3. Invite family and friends so they get their wishes too. Wishfinity Tweets by Wishfinity Quick Links… Continue Reading Wishfinity – Universal Wishlist

Indicative Indicative – Customer analytics, free from limits Analytics that tell you how to grow your business. Marketers, product managers, and business analysts use Indicative to optimize customer conversion, engagement, and retention. Indicative connects to all your customer touchpoints, synthesizes them into a complete view of behavior, and gives you… Continue Reading Indicative – Customer analytics, free from limits

HelpDesk – Ticketing software for effortless customer support HelpDesk software is designed to enable faster ticket solving for your customer support agents. Automation is key to providing the most efficient customer support. Your team gets access to a set of tools that allows them to respond to your customers faster… Continue Reading HelpDesk – Ticketing software for effortless customer support

Blink – The simplest and fastest way for companies to deliver integrated digital experiences to their people. Blink is the employee experience app and our mission is to improve the lives of frontline workers through technology. We reduce busy work with digital forms and processes and empower workers by giving… Continue Reading Blink

Arcadina – Websites for Photographers & Creatives Create a website for photographer or creative. The all-in-one solution: website + blog + custom domain + email accounts + photo proofing galleries + sell photos and videos. Show your photos, videos and creations in an elegant website. Sell your photos, products or… Continue Reading Arcadina – Websites for Photographers & Creatives

Heyoya – Voice Comments Platform Heyoya is a voice comments platform for websites and blogs that takes you beyond text. Voice is personal and direct, letting you interact with your readers and have conversations as you would, face-to-face. Heyoya Tweets by Heyoya Quick Links Promote Your Startup Get PR for… Continue Reading Heyoya – Voice Comments Platform

Natero is the only Customer Success solution to combine predictive analytics, customer intelligence, and workflow management in a unified platform. This uniquely data-driven approach enables B2B software providers to proactively manage Customer Success and maximize customer lifetime value. Visit Natero Tweets by Natero Quick Links Promote Your Startup Get PR… Continue Reading Natero – Customer Success Management Software

Trackier is a Performance Marketing Software utilized by ad agencies, ad networks, and professional advertisers to help them manage their relationships and communication with their publishers. The software is highly customizable to address unique business needs and requirements. It comes with a myriad of smart and innovative features designed to… Continue Reading Trackier – Best Performance Marketing Software

QuoraPro – your one-stop Quora marketing automation tool What our app do New topics suggestion. We find the topics where you can post your expert opinion and attract the attention of your potential audience. Get the cream from the hot audience! Position tracking. We automatically track the position of all… Continue Reading QuoraPro

Mailforge – An Email Marketing Platform to grow your business with user-friendly drag and drop editors. Mailforge is an easy to use e-mail marketing platform, giving you the tools for lead generation with beautiful pop-ups and embed forms, drag and drop e-mail editor and advanced lead segmentation. Email marketing is… Continue Reading Mailforge

Fullstackjob.com is THE Job Board for Full-Stack Developers Full-Stack Developer Jobs is a Job Board for open positions specifically for Full-Stack Developers. Visit Full-Stack Developer Jobs Tweets by Full-Stack Developer Jobs Quick Links Promote Your Startup Get PR for Your Startup Top Startups in India 2019

SEOJet – Instantly build customized backlink strategies for your websites. SEOJet is the original backlink strategy software. Using top 10 ranked data the software shows you exactly what you need to do to build a #1 ranked backlink profile for any page on your site. Visit SEOJet Tweets by SEOJet… Continue Reading SEOJet

Scriby revs up your calendar: create notes, share agendas, chat with customers, build a knowledge base. All from within your calendar. Scriby isn’t just another productivity app though. It’s a paradigm shift. They say calendars are for scheduling. We say they can be a lot more than that. No more… Continue Reading Scriby

VentuRank – Data intake and analytics dashboard for busy VC professionals VentuRank scores every startup that engages with your firm based on your exact portfolio interests. No more sifting through the noise to find the hidden gems. No more email, LinkedIN and contact page submissions. We’ve made it easy to… Continue Reading VentuRank

Ahrvo – Empowering Investors To Make Better Decisions Ahrvo is a financial technology company created in March 2017. Ahrvo’s proprietary multi-factor ranking system and resulting AhrvoScores™ help investors and traders of all backgrounds discover stock market winners and make timely and profitable investment decisions among more than 8000 stocks and… Continue Reading Ahrvo – Empowering Investors To Make Better Decisions.

Comms – THE E-commerce platform that helps you present, sell, message and segment in one place — 100% independent. At Comms we genuinely believe that e-commerce can be done better — without middlemen, hidden charges and software that just doesn’t work. No exclusivity, or time-constrained contracts. Just a powerful, complete… Continue Reading Comms – Build a complete online shop that’s yours and yours alone!

inploi – The future of online recruitment, job discovery, and professional networking for blue collar. inploi is a web and app-based platform that helps companies to develop their employer brands, advertise job vacancies, and connect and communicate with candidates. The platform’s rich set of features – from applicant management pipelines,… Continue Reading inploi – The future of online recruitment

TeamworkIQ is an innovative software designed to manage recurring processes, procedures, and workflows. TeamworkIQ is the easiest way to manage recurring processes, procedures, and workflows. + Streamline business operations + Make sure things get done right + Increase accountability + Eliminate costly errors Automate processes and workflows in minutes simply… Continue Reading TeamworkIQ

Rakam – Most hassle free way of analysing user behaviour We allow product managers to analyze user behavior without coding. Most of the generic business intelligence tools require you to have a technical background to create reports, and this leads product teams to be dependent on the data teams. We… Continue Reading Rakam

Angel Match – A database of 50k+ Angels and VCs to raise your capital Angel Match is a database of 50k+ investors that frees you from time-consuming and tedious process of searching for the right investors for your business. We’ve compiled investor names, investment focuses, past investments, locations, company names,… Continue Reading Angel Match

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