Innovo42 – Empowering teams to become more productive We take pride in being a small yet diverse team of solution engineers, finance experts, marketers, designers, and inventors who take the digital space seriously. Our mission is to cut through the noise of inefficient expense and invoice management and empower businesses… Continue Reading Innovo42 – Empowering teams to become more productive

Jatana – Deliver outstanding customer experiences by letting the AI do what it does best: to automate repetitive processes. Jatana is a deep learning based Saas solution that integrates directly with your help desk software of choice to automate processes related to customer service on Zendesk. Jatana provides efficient customer… Continue Reading Jatana – Deliver outstanding customer experiences using AI

Truly WP – Premium Managed WordPress Hosting TrulyWP is a Premium Managed WordPress hosting platform. A fully-managed hosting solution built on top of Google Cloud, TrulyWP lets your WordPress or WooCommerce sites deliver blazingly fast page load times for users. All WordPress sites hosted on TrulyWP enjoy: 5GB SSD Storage… Continue Reading Truly WP – Premium Managed WordPress Hosting

Waiterio – Waiterio Restaurant POS is an easy-to-use ordering system for restaurants and bars and is the fastest way to handle restaurants’ orders. Waiterio makes the life of waiters and cooks easier by managing everything in the most efficient way and gives you more space to think while everything is… Continue Reading Waiterio – POS ordering system for restaurants and bars

eDeliveryApp is an Online Food Ordering and Delivery Software for single restaurants or Multi-restaurant food ordering and delivery businesses like Delivery hero, lieferando, Lieferheld, foodora, hellofresh, deliveroo etc.The software can also be used for any other local delivery service like Grocery Delivery, Alcohol Delivery etc.The system can be customised for… Continue Reading eDeliveryApp

CBCRUNCH LLC – cbCrunch provides PPM solutions for Strategic Planning , Cost Benefit Analysis, and Decision Making that address the major concerns of decisions and planning. It provides an integrated collaborative environment that will allow decision makers to understand the impact of projects, decide on the right project, and monitor… Continue Reading CBCRUNCH – ULTIMATE Planning and Decision making platform.

Visibly – Visibly comes under the umbrella of employee advocacy, however it is so much more. We focus on both internal and external communications, we capture moments in the workplace, and with it, physical manifestations of culture and behaviour that can be measured. Visibly pushes the employee advocacy agenda away… Continue Reading Visibly – Nurture your culture for employee advocacy

Cien – Cien helps high performing B2B companies improve the effectiveness of their sales team by applying AI to their CRM data. With Cien, you will: – Clean up and enhance messy CRM data – Know what drives team mood and performance – See what leads and opportunities to focus… Continue Reading Cien – Improve B2B sales effectiveness

KyLeads – KyLeads allows marketers and entrepreneurs to create smart popup and quizzes to turn more website visitors into engaged leads. With the insights you gain, you’re able to send better messages and increase your revenue. Visit KyLeads Tweets by KyLeads Quick Links Get Featured on Startup Directory Startup… Continue Reading KyLeads – Create beautiful quizzes,popups to generate leads. – is a conversational process automation platform, designed to increase businesses revenue while reducing contact center loads. Harnessing the power of conversational AI, and our unique, in-house built NLP & NLG algorithms, helps businesses engage their customers over any text-based channel, using Free text, our AI-powered Agents… Continue Reading – Platform that Automates customer engagements

Datantify – Datantify is the leading solution to build contact list (phone, mail or address data) from any industries & countries with verified data. Currently, it contains more than 180 countries and 3500 categories with high-quality data of companies developed by innovative big-data solutions which allow the user to get… Continue Reading Datantify – The leading solution to build contact list – Intuitive and easy-to-use webapp vulnerability scanner – finds vulnerabilities or security issues in web applications and provides guidance on how to fix them. was built having developers in mind. Despite its sleek and intuitive web interface, follows an API-First development approach, providing all features… Continue Reading – Intuitive and easy-to-use webapp vulnerability scanner

Maintena – Maintenance management software Maintena is an easy to use maintenance management software that helps companies manage and maintain their assets and equipment’s effortlessly. With Maintena, you can easily create maintenance tickets and workflows, maintenance templates, downtime codes, custom fields, roles, permissions and a lot more. Manage and report… Continue Reading Maintena – Maintenance management software

Upmarketry – Startups want to disrupt their industries. Upmarketry gets the attention they need to do it. We build brands for startups that are fit for business giants, thereby giving them a seat at the big boy table, and all the influence that goes with it. And because the brand… Continue Reading Upmarketry – The startup brand builder and marketing consultancy

Kandio – Kandio is an online platform that has a growing library of exams where you can choose which exams to give to your candidates applying for your job opening. In as simple as sending a link to candidates or posting your link on social media, all you have to… Continue Reading Kandio – Screen your candidates faster and cheaper with online tests

Angel Match – Angel Match is a database of 50k+ Angels and VCs to help you raise capital for your startupđź’° Searching for investors who are the right fit for your business is an exhausting and challenging process. Manually gathering data by going through every investor’s profile on LinkedIn, Crunchbase,… Continue Reading Angel Match – A database of 50k+ Angels and VCs to raise your capital

Recruit CRM – Recruit CRM Builds Software For Small & Growing Executive Search Firms, Headhunting Firms & Recruitment Agencies. Do Everything from Managing Applicants to Generating Invoices in One Place. Recruit CRM allows you to work together without juggling between email client, CRM & ATS. See what your teammates are… Continue Reading Recruit CRM Software For Small & Growing Recruitment Agencies.

EazyStock – Powerful Inventory Optimisation MADE SIMPLE EazyStock is a cloud-based inventory optimization software for Wholesalers and Distributors. Our Inventory optimization solution delivers cost savings up to 50% while maintaining a high product availability. We came from the world of enterprise software with the confidence as the leader in the… Continue Reading EazyStock – Powerful Inventory Optimisation MADE SIMPLE

Transporters is a SaaS booking and business management solution for Group Transport companies. We have built a SaaS solution, accessible anywhere online, which connects the business to both customers and drivers in an efficient and streamlined manner. Visit Tweets by Quick Links Get Featured on Startup Directory… Continue Reading

Trifare – get best fares for cab and bus trips Trifare Is an Initiative Startup Company in India for online Cab rent Booking & Bus rent Booking Aggregation. Our goal is to Provide Reliable, dedicated, Economical, Comfort, Ease, Transparency and Safe Taxi Services to Travelers. Trifare is the great Platform… Continue Reading Trifare – Get best fares for cab and bus trips

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