Salon Blocs – Simple and Free to use Salon Membership Software for Salon Owners

Salon Blocs  –  Salon Blocs is a salon membership software that is designed to provide, a very simple way to setup and manage, membership plans in any salon. Whether it’s a hair, nail or all in one beauty salon, Salon Blocs provides a simple way to create and manage memberships.

Developed by Salon Owner for Salon Owners, Salon Blocs is a complete solution for running membership plans in salons. Salon Blocs is 100% free to use for Salon Owners, and always will be. Instead, just 10% of each member’s monthly subscription fee is collected each month, and it’s up to the salon to set the monthly fee. So if they don’t have any customer, there is no cost to bear.

Setup Memberships

Easily setup membership plans on your salon. Whether you run a hair, beauty, spa or all in one salon, Salon Blocs makes it super easy to setup membership plans. Just setup membership plans once and it will automatically do the rest.

Unlimited Members

Add as many members as you like on any membership plan in your salon. There is no limit to the growth of your salon. Your members can instantly signup through the Salon Blocs app and see available slots throughout the week or month.

Automate Booking

No more manual management of member’s appointments and bookings. With Salon Blocs, you can automate the entire process of managing members booking. Your clients can see the calendar for the week and select their appointment their self. You will get notification as soon as there is a booking.

Communicate with Members

With the built is messenger and the option to integrate Facebook Messenger, communicating with your clients become easy. Send message to a single or all members easily with Salon Blocs.

Collect Payments

Easily collect payments from your customers. With Salon Blocs, you can automatically collect payments from your customers on each billing date per month

Completely Web Based

There is literally nothing to download, install or configure to start setting up memberships on your salon. With Salon Blocs, you can start working on membership plans almost instantly. Whether you are in your salon or vacationing somewhere, Salon Blocs is just a click away.

Very simple to use

We are salon owners and we admire simplicity. Built by Salon Owner for Salon Owners, we have made Salon Blocs so quick and easy, that each task in just under few clicks for you and your clients.

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