Scriby revs up your calendar: create notes, share agendas, chat with customers, build a knowledge base. All from within your calendar.

Scriby isn’t just another productivity app though.

It’s a paradigm shift.

They say calendars are for scheduling. We say they can be a lot more than that. No more juggling software. No more lost notes. No more last-minute “is-the-call-on-Skype-or-Hangouts?” email.

Scriby adds a link to every meeting you create. And everything is in it: video conferencing, agendas, meeting notes and more.

Scriby blends seamlessly in your existing workflow, integrates with your favorite apps (Slack, Hubspot, Trello, Pipedrive, Salesforce…) and lets you capture collaborative meeting notes in real time, ala Google Docs.

Your meetings notes are automatically synced with your calendar so it’s easy to find what was said and by whom anytime. Scriby takes down communication silos, increases accountability and makes it substantially easier to manage your meetings digitally.

Also, Scriby comes with a set of meeting notes templates designed to make it easy to structure meetings systematically and without hassle.

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