ShareSmart – A healthcare collaboration platform designed to bring medical communications to the 21st century.

ShareSmart is an app designed for the medical community in direct response to the increasing number of patient privacy breaches stemming from the improper use of smartphones within a clinical setting.
Our team consists of clinicians, medical ethicists, and privacy lawyers who recognized the void in the medical landscape of dedicated secure servers and tools, especially dealing with photography. With an growing breach rate of more than 2 breaches a day, with fines reaching the millions, they designed ShareSmart. By giving healthcare providers a secure cloud based communications platform on their devices, it allows for increased collaboration among care teams, while reducing the accidental (and sometimes intentional) release of patient’s information.
ShareSmart is free to download and contains powerful features such as end to end encryption, patient consent documentation, photo organization tools and much more. All this comes in a familiar, simple to use interface that makes ShareSmart the best option for clinical communication. Available globally both on iOS and Android platforms and coupled with a browser based platform and administration auditing platform, we provide the complete solution to healthcare communication.

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