Sia is a fully integrated marketing bot using cognitive technologies by Opentopic and IBM Watson. With Sia you gain deep, behavioral insights into your audience, automatically personalize campaigns at scale and obtain predictions on campaigns. All accessible via the Sia cloud or through our bot within your own messaging or collaboration platform to fit within your team’s existing work flows.
Cognitive technology is revolutionizing how Brands & Marketers, Publishers, eCommerce & Financial services companies understand and engage audiences.

Opentopic’s innovative clients include Comcast NBC Universal, The Economist, Pitney Bowes, BBVA, Unilever, Time Inc. and others.

Unlike most computing systems and technologies that are built on blind logic and rules, Watson uses the 80% of all data that are normally “dark”​ and unusable through its cognitive framework. Combined with Opentopic’s own proprietary algorithms it guarantees continuously improving results.

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