Skizzle – Most secure way to share files over email, backed by Blockchain

Skizzle – Skizzle is a chrome add-on that helps users securely share end-to-end encrypted files over email, backed by blockchain. It is extremely easy to use and works right alongside your regular email workflow.

With Skizzle, you can secure your most important and confidential documents, whether its HR documents, Financials, Customer data, Healthcare records, Contracts, Decks, Legal Documents, Research, Design files, or Intellectual Property, and ensure no unauthorized users can access these documents.

1. Your files are secured before they are uploaded.
2. Only the user owns their keys, but they do not have to manage/store them.
3. The receiver doesn’t have to be an existing Skizzle user – you just need their email ID.
4. You can revoke access to files for a specific user even after sharing it with them.
5. It is intuitive to use with no learning curve and comes with a generous free plan.
6. Detailed logs of who has access to your files, when they downloaded it, and when their access was revoked, are logged and verifiable on the blockchain so you can ensure your files are indeed secure

Skizzle uses blockchain to manage your keys and file access permissions so that users do not have to deal with them. This ensures that no one except the sender and recipient has access to files and keys, not even Skizzle.

Features are also available as SDKs for custom application development.


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