Smart 1 Leads – An AI-powered tool to personalize communication

Smart 1 Leads – an AI-powered tool to personalize communication with your clients that assists turning leads into customers

Smart 1 Leads  –  Most of the time, many business owners have no sufficient and detailed knowledge of their website visitors which normally results in losing those leads from becoming potential customers. Many software tracking tools that exists today seem not to solve their problems effectively. We are bringing change to that with our innovative, first of its kind platform that analyzes user’s lifestyle and navigation habits through a WAZE platform.

This innovative tool measures the times action buttons are clicked on your site and tells you how many times people are requesting information about your business. There has never been an easier way to understand customer interaction and now there a way to start the conversation at the exact moment they’re looking for the goods or service you provide.

All your are leads saved as soon as any interaction is made with our widget. Now we can track where a customer is located and give you more information that helps you track where and when interest in your business is coming from. We can track the time of day and day of the week they visit your site and contact you. Get reports of how far out they are from your location before they contact you and what type of devices are they contacting you from. We’re eliminating the guess work when it comes to both online and offline marketing and it’s all at the touch of a button.

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