Sniper App is a web-based tool which enables a user to search Location specific media on Instagram narrowed by your favorite Hashtags.

Currently, Instagram allows only searching media via either Hashtags or Location, but not both combined.

For example, if you search #Startup on Instagram, it’ll get all the #Startup tagged media from over the world and if you search “Mountain View, CA” on Instagram, it’ll get all the “Mountain View, CA” location-tagged media on Instagram.

Sniper App will allow you to search all the media in the “Mountain View, CA” location tagged with #Startup.

Example use case:
If a brand is hosting a Startup meet in Mountain View, CA they will do a search on the app with the Location + Hashtag. The user will get media results which match the criteria where the user can comment on about their upcoming event.

This is just one use-case of the app, there are many like this.

Currently, the app is listed on the Product Hunt Upcoming page here –

and will be launched in a couple of weeks in Beta. The app will be totally free to use in the Beta stage.

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