Social Throb – Online Reputation Management Tools.

Social Throbhelps companies to do a Local & Global Analysis of national & international products on how they are being reviewed in other Markets. Social Throb uses Natural Language Processing to classify customer feedback about a Product or a brand into Positive, Negative & Neutral.

Among the Social Media Reputation Management or Online Reputation Management Companies, Social Throb is the only Online Review Monitoring tool which provides Multilingual Sentiment Analysis. Get instant access to online mentions from 20+ Social Sites, 100,000+ websites, Emails & Messages.Marketing Agencies, Companies & Startups are using Social Throb – Online Reputation Management tool to monitor the World Wide Web. Reveal what people are saying about your Brand. It analyses on Real Time and gathers information from across the Social Networks, World Wide Web and also showcases the influencers right from positive to negative. Advance NLP Sentiment Analysis.

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