Smart Browser for Internet Multitaskers

Stack – is a new kind of browser that will enable you to open web apps side-by-side. Instead of tabs, Stack uses cards that can be organized into stacks. Then, stacks can be grouped together to create space.

These unique features position Stack as more of a 3D operating system rather than a simple browser.

From the ground up, Stack was built with productivity in mind. Unlike Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, Stack has no tabs. Instead, you have cards that allow you to view different opened web apps at a glance. No more switching to different tabs.

Naturally, you can resize those cards to fit the screen you’re using. You can set one up in full screen or design your interface to fit three or four cards.

In addition, Stack has a “private session” feature that allows you to open multiple instances of the same web app. Meaning, you can open multiple accounts on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and any app you can think of.


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