Ghostboard – Analytics for your Ghost blog Ghostboard  –  Ghostboard provides real-time analytics of your Ghost blog, not only about visits and readers, but also about the posts content, SEO insights, email reports and more. It’s ultra-easy to setup just pasting a line, no theme integration, without cookies and 100%… Continue Reading Ghostboard – Analytics for your Ghost blog

Hypersay – Deliver Presentations They Will Never Forget Hypersay  –  ​Hypersay is a platform for interactive presentations that massively increase engagement. Keep your audience engaged with polls, questions, private notes and live slide sharing. Store, enrich & deliver presentations from your cloud. ​​Fight #deathbypowerpoint ​​​​​​Key features include: ​​* Live Slide… Continue Reading Hypersay – Deliver Presentations They Will Never Forget

WebsiteChecker – Comprehensive web analytics & monitoring made easy WebsiteChecker  –  WebsiteChecker is a super easy to use digital marketing tool to analyze & monitor all ‘need-to-know’ metrics about any website. Perfect for active digital marketers and agencies, WebsiteChecker allows you to see everything about a website in one simple… Continue Reading WebsiteChecker – Comprehensive web analytics & monitoring made easy

Wynd – The smartest purifier for your personal space. Wynd Technologies  –  Our mission is to bring clean air to people, wherever they go. We aim to help people stay aware of the air around them, and we want to provide the means to clean it up. We’ve built several… Continue Reading Wynd – The smartest purifier for your personal space

Countly ( –  Countly is an enterprise grade analytics and marketing platform for mobile, web, desktop and IoT applications. More than 2000 Countly Servers worldwide collect data from 14000+ applications. Countly is available in two different editions – self hosted or private cloud Enterprise Edition with premium plugins and customisable SLA,… Continue Reading Countly – Countly Analytics Platform is like having an entire in-house advertising department without the big expense. It’s the mission to cost effectively get you more sales than an entire housed team of advertisers, marketers and sales experts ever could. doesn’t make you pay for anything that wouldn’t make you money like… Continue Reading – Your in-house advertising department

DataGlen, a Bangalore based startup focuses on building cutting edge Big Data technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is entering mainstream with the proliferation of embedded and interconnected computing devices. We are addressing the key challenge of collecting, curating, managing, and processing massive amounts of spatiotemporal data generated… Continue Reading DataGlen – cloud platform solutions to manage distributed energy resources

vPhrase helps companies make their reports easy to understand by explaining the insights in words, using AI. The company’s patent pending platform, Phrazor, analyses data, derives insights and then communicates those insights, in words, in multiple languages. It automates the work of analysis and communication which is the forte of… Continue Reading vPhrase helps companies communicate insights from their data – Simplifying Marketing Analytics. aims to simplify the overcomplicate process of marketing data analysis. In 3 clicks you are setup, know what’s working (it’s green) and what’s not (it’s red). Try it free while in beta. Website :

Engati is a chatbot platform to help businesses build and host chatbots to acquire and engage users. Also, get analytics on how users respond to your chatbot. Engati is a chatbot platform that allows you to build, manage, integrate, train, analyse and publish your personalized bot in a matter of… Continue Reading Engati – Chatbot Platform – Helping business build chat bots to acquire and engage users

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