PDFShift   https://pdfshift.io  –  PDFShift provides developers with a tool to convert their HTML documents (raw or link) in PDF with high-fidelity. Packages are available for Node.js, Python, and PHP and the API allows any programming languages to be used. Features like watermarking and encryption are available along with many options to… Continue Reading PDFShift – Convert any HTML documents to PDF under 5 lines of code.

ipgeolocation – Accurate IP Geolocation API and IP Intelligence Data Solution ipgeolocation   https://ipgeolocation.io  –  Our API provides intelligent data points including country, city, state, province, timezone, local time, local currency, latitude and longitude, company information, ISP, language information, zip code, calling code and much more. https://ipgeolocation.io

ADSuisse AG – ADSuisse AG – Discover your customers through data. ADSuisse AG   www.adsuisse.com  –  We are Swiss company, dedicated to enable businesses around the globe build true and firm relationships with customers. What drives us ahead is our belief in technology and its ability to solve complex business problems. We… Continue Reading ADSuisse AG – Discover your customers through data

Sheetsu – Turn Google Spreadsheets into JSON API Access Google Spreadsheets via REST API. Sheetsu.com is a service that turns Google Spreadsheets into JSON API. Use it as CMS or database e.g. for a mobile app or website. Without any setup, one click away. Focus on your product and build… Continue Reading Sheetsu – Turn Google Spreadsheets into JSON API

TWIP is an online membership-based social marketplace, that connects people to experiences, travelers and activity companions based on your travel personality, or as we say, “Travanality.” Think LinkedIn and Netflix for travelers. https://twip.co/

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