Relay – Intelligent support platform Relay  –  Relay is an intelligent platform for technology support and customer service that enables you to deliver simple, predictive, and personal experiences at scale. Relay is powered by the Relay Technology Index, the most comprehensive global index of business technology currently available. The Relay… Continue Reading Relay – Intelligent support platform

Project Showcase- The simplest online portfolio creator. Project Showcase  –  Pscase is a simple online portfolio creator to help freelancers and entrepreneurs for showcasing their works to the world. With user-friendly and simple design let users create their own so fast. Pscase users can show who they are and what… Continue Reading Project Showcase- The simplest online portfolio creator.

Leadazzle – Get leads by simply sharing great content. Show your own landing pages before you send visitors to another website. Leadazzle  –  Leadazzle is an online marketing tool that creates a mini landing page between the visitor and the destination link. Whenever a visitor clicks on a Leadazzle link,… Continue Reading Leadazzle

THINK thenlive – Location-based social media THINK thenlive  –  THINK is a social network for anyone who wants to connect to their family, friends, and community in a more meaningful way. Share your posts privately or show the public the stories and events the community and world need to see… Continue Reading THINK thenlive – Location-based social media

Richpanel – Beautiful CRM, Helpdesk and live chat. Richpanel  –  Richpanel creates real time infographic customer profiles by unifying data from your apps so you can personalize customer support and campaigns. Get started for free at

Triphobo ( –  Trip planning is made fun with TripHobo’s smart and intuitive vacation planner. TripHobo is the world’s largest platform for discovering user generated itineraries and using them to create customized travel plans. Currently TripHobo is home to over 5,00,000+ user created itineraries and curated content for close to 14000+… Continue Reading Triphobo – Trip Planner

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