Output Messenger – Secure self hosted instant messenger server & slient Output Messenger   http://www.outputmessenger.com/  –  A private, secure, client-server model corporate messenger that drives employees engagement. Output Messenger is designed for all small through big enterprise to collaborate easily. Output Messenger will suits for any devices and at any network. You… Continue Reading Output Messenger – Secure self hosted instant messenger server & slient

Logicalplan – The easiest way to manage your team Logicalplan   www.logicalplan.com  –  We believe that life is easy, that was the main reason why we created LogicalPlan. With Logicalplan you can plan the work visually and with just a few clicks. Managing team is enough challenge. Don’t make your life even… Continue Reading Logicalplan – The easiest way to manage your team

Proficonf – Make one-click video conferences with up to 500 participants Proficonf   https://proficonf.com/  –  Proficonf is a lightning fast and powerful video conferencing web app, that allows you to participate in one-click meetings with up to 500 participants, share your screen, apps, tabs, and documents. https://proficonf.com/

Lackid – Free yourself from the long flat list of product backlog and maximize the strength of kanban boards Lackid   https://lackid.com  –  Lackid helps product owner better managing the backlog by displaying all items on one screen in a hierarchy tree and provides the ability to manipulate with ease. Product owner… Continue Reading Lackid

Business VPN – A smart team VPN security solution for small and medium businesses. Business VPN   https://www.keepsolid.com/business-vpn/  –  Business VPN by KeepSolid is a service designed to deliver boundless and secure internet for businesses all around the world. It’s your own modern corporate virtual private network, which allows you to collaborate… Continue Reading KeepSolid – Business VPN

Weekplanner.io Create and share project plannings Weekplanner.io   https://weekplanner.io  –  Aimed at busy project managers and businessmen alike, Weekplanner aims to make your projects easier to deal with.Commonly used planning tools often overwhelm you with an excessive amount of options. Weekplanner focuses on the most essential functionalities which are optimised to efficiently… Continue Reading Weekplanner.io – Create and share project plannings

NaskMe – Shared to do lists plus how-to’s help you get life done. NaskMe   https://nask.me  –  We are a mobile application that combines shared to do lists, group collaboration, messaging, task management and other productivity tools with user-generated and branded how-to content so users can get stuff done. Use the NaskMe… Continue Reading NaskMe – Shared to do lists plus how-to’s help you get life done.

Founded by four ex-Skype employees, Deekit was built to help remote teams andfreelancers to work better together. We believe that remote work is the future and we are on a mission to revolutionize how people work and collaborate remotely. As an online whiteboard for distributed teams, Deekit allows collaboration no… Continue Reading The world’s most collaborative online whiteboard

Document360 is your one stop Software as a Service (SaaS) knowledge base platform for software project and project documentation. With Document360, create rich documentation and knowledge base for your offerings (both internal and external) with ease. Document360 provides world-class authoring experience and can be customized to meet needs from small… Continue Reading Document360 – one stop SaaS knowledge base platform for product and project documentation

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