Relay – Intelligent support platform Relay  –  Relay is an intelligent platform for technology support and customer service that enables you to deliver simple, predictive, and personal experiences at scale. Relay is powered by the Relay Technology Index, the most comprehensive global index of business technology currently available. The Relay… Continue Reading Relay – Intelligent support platform

Richpanel – Beautiful CRM, Helpdesk and live chat. Richpanel  –  Richpanel creates real time infographic customer profiles by unifying data from your apps so you can personalize customer support and campaigns. Get started for free at

Talkus offers a complete customer success solution to engage and support customers. Talkus was founded in France in 2015. The company has offices in Paris, France and Princeton, NJ, USA. Talkus helps SMB offer amazing customer experiences. This provides our clients with a strategic differentiator and a competitive advantage. Talkus… Continue Reading Talkus is a simple and powerful customer success solution for Slack users

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