AutoPitch, Inc. – Sales Development Automation Tool AutoPitch, Inc.  –  AutoPitch is a Sales Development Automation Tool that automates your Sales & Marketing efforts with ease. Now automate emails and follow-ups with your prospects/clients with hyper personalized messages that double the response rate. You can do email tracking, mail merging,… Continue Reading AutoPitch, Inc. – Sales Development Automation Tool

Fortunesoft IT Innovations, Inc Fortunesoft IT Innovations, Inc.  –  Fortunesoft is a software product engineering and consulting company providing full ‐ cycle development services for enterprises and startups. We build, improve and scale software products across platforms leveraging disruptive technologies in mobile, web, cloud, analytics, and blockchain. Fortunesoft agile scrum… Continue Reading Fortunesoft IT Innovations, Inc

Modumate, Inc. – Empowering architects with next-generation 3D design software. Modumate, Inc.  –  We founded Modumate because UI, UX, automation and analytics technologies have advanced 100x in recent years, yet architects haven’t been served new design software in nearly 20 years. Modumate will allow architects to focus on high-leverage tasks… Continue Reading Modumate, Inc. – Empowering architects with next-generation 3D design software.

Boulevard Digital Marketing, Inc – Improved Marekting Outcomes. Boulevard Digital Marketing, Inc  –  Boulevard is your very own Digital CMO and Execution Team for organizations that don’t have this expertise in-house. We know website and landing page conversion rate optimization, SEO, email marketing, online advertising, video, and much more. Let… Continue Reading Boulevard Digital Marketing, Inc – Improved Marekting Outcomes

Univa is the leading innovator of workload management products that optimize performance of applications, services and containers. Univa enables enterprises to fully utilize and scale compute resources across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures. Advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities provide insights to make scheduling decisions and achieve even faster time-to-results. Univa’s… Continue Reading Univa, Inc.

Urban Airship, Inc. is a developer of push messaging services. Their solutions enable brands to strengthen relationships with their always-connected customers. They offer easy and effective end-to-end management of the push messaging process from customer and location targeting to automation and delivery, including message composition, rich landing page and Passbook… Continue Reading Urban Airship, Inc.

Vectra (R); Networks is the leader in automated threat management solutions for the real-time detection of in-progress cyber attacks. The company’s solution automatically correlates threats against hosts that are under attack and provides unique context about what attackers are doing so organizations can quickly prevent or mitigate loss. Vectra prioritizes… Continue Reading Vectra Networks, Inc.

Venafi invented the technology that protects machine identities from access, forgery and theft by bad guys. Humans use usernames and passwords as identities in the cyberworld. Machines don’t use user names and passwords, they use machine identities. Companies and government spend about $8B a year protecting user names and passwords… Continue Reading Venafi, Inc.

Vexata is an early stage company developing a disruptively high performance system for analytics, IoT, and database applications. Vexata delivers data systems that empower businesses to operate faster and smarter than ever before. Their unique and innovative solution eliminates the need to rewrite applications, adjust provisioning and performance knobs, add… Continue Reading Vexata, Inc.

Vidcode, co-founded by Leandra Tejedor and Melissa Halfon, got its start as a Startup Weekend hackathon project in early 2014. They won the competition, and went on from there to make their winning idea a business reality. Vidcode officially launched a year after the hackathon, with a Kickstarter campaign aimed… Continue Reading Vidcode, Inc.

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