Wonder Parenting – Parenting is patience Wonder Parenting   http://www.wonderparenting.com  –  Wonder Parenting is a blog for all the parents who want a positive shift in parenting and child development.Wonder parenting provides useful, easy and simple tips related to children’s and parent’s health, mothercare, teenager, parenting and healthy lifestyle by experts. http://www.wonderparenting.com

Proche – AI, IoT, Blockchain and Electronics Blog and News Site Proche   https://www.theproche.com/  –  Proche is a leading Indian core technology community backed digital publication, known for its end-to-end technology coverage from established and startup companies. We work with a mission to empower a reader by providing a deep understanding of… Continue Reading Proche – AI, IoT, Blockchain and Electronics Blog and News Site

Instarents – A one stop Online Renting Platform for Products Instarents Private Limited   Https://www.instarents.com  –  Instarents is an online Renting platform for various categories which helps one to Rent a product rather than owning a product. Renting helps young professionals, students, migraters and other. to InstaRents helps you to have a… Continue Reading Instarents – A one stop Online Renting Platform for Products

MockRabbit – the world’s first Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning(ML) based mock interview practice app. MockRabbit   https://www.mockrabbit.com/  –  MockRabbit app helps to perfect your software developer job interview while practicing the mock interview in front of your mobile and getting instant feedback from our Artificial Intelligence… Continue Reading MockRabbit – the world’s first Artificial Intelligence based mock interview practice app

Service Ganga – Online platform for photography services Service Ganga   http://www.serviceganga.com  –  Service Ganga is a online platform for photography service provider. Service Ganga provides a top list of photographers in your area http://www.serviceganga.com

chemryt informatics pvt ltd – We help scientist & chemist to identify and procure the chemicals they need for laboratory. chemryt informatics pvt ltd   http://www.chemryt.com  –  We serve researchers in medicinal, computational, and synthetic chemistry as well as chemical procurement professionals by providing products and services to help select and purchase… Continue Reading Chemryt Informatics

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