XKI – Enterprise-Ready IoT Management Platform XKI   https://x.ki/  –  Unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things with our Device, Event and User Management Platform. https://x.ki/

Bouncie (https://www.bouncie.com) –  Bouncie provides a connected car experience built to simplify your auto life with location, diagnostics, driving data, alerts, geo-circles and more. Turn any vehicle into a smart car and stay connected with the drivers in your life. https://www.bouncie.com

DataGlen, a Bangalore based startup focuses on building cutting edge Big Data technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is entering mainstream with the proliferation of embedded and interconnected computing devices. We are addressing the key challenge of collecting, curating, managing, and processing massive amounts of spatiotemporal data generated… Continue Reading DataGlen – cloud platform solutions to manage distributed energy resources

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