Pulse.red — Track your project’s time. Pulse.red   https://pulse.red  –  Pulse.red is a powerful time tracker for those who appreciate simplicity. No useless infographics; stay focused on the main things and track your project’s time. Clear project overview helping you to monitor your company’s health and make fast decisions. You will see… Continue Reading Pulse.red — Track your project’s time.

TwelveZeros – Sales Forecasting Platform powered by AI TwelveZeros   www.twelvezeros.co  –  We integrate with your CRM, pull in historical data and provide an 80% accurate baseline forecast using multiple-machine learning algorithms. So companies have a forecast, they have goals and we show you how to bridge the gap between forecast and… Continue Reading TwelveZeros – Sales Forecasting Platform powered by AI

NaskMe – Shared to do lists plus how-to’s help you get life done. NaskMe   https://nask.me  –  We are a mobile application that combines shared to do lists, group collaboration, messaging, task management and other productivity tools with user-generated and branded how-to content so users can get stuff done. Use the NaskMe… Continue Reading NaskMe – Shared to do lists plus how-to’s help you get life done.

sam | smart assisted meetings   https://sam.team/  –  sam is a meeting software that lets you prepare collaborative agendas easily, keep your meetings on track and record decisions and tasks – all in one place and straight out of your calendar. https://sam.team/

IntroJoy – Introduce two people via email without the hassle IntroJoy   https://introjoy.com  –  IntroJoy is an easier and quicker way to make double opt-in introductions and forwardable emails. If you’re a connector who makes hundreds to thousands of introductions a year, IntroJoy can save you invaluable time and hassle. https://introjoy.com

Aggregate data from many web-sources into one searchable, filterable and sortable collection Aggregatus is a service that helps you to aggregate information of the same meaning but from the different websites and make it searchable, filterable and sortable as if it all was from the one website. https://aggregatus.io

Voicefox – your AI-driven online meeting assistant. Voicefox is an AI-driven online meeting assistant that helps you run more productive and actionable meetings. It integrates with existing video conference solutions to record, transcribe and analyze business conversations.https://www.voicefox.com/

Kezmo is an enterprise chat and collaboration tool to help teams get things done. It’s an email alternative for secure team communication. It can be used both internally to manage projects, and externally to manage the relationship with customers and contractors. Provide context by creating different collaboration spaces for different… Continue Reading Enterprise chat & integrated task management for organizations concerned about security.

Taskade is a simple to-do list and task manager. You can instantly make a list and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. Use Taskade to capture your ideas, goals, and daily tasks. Simple, clean, and beautifully designed with relaxing themes and backgrounds. Taskade declutters your thoughts so you… Continue Reading Make lists, organize your thoughts, and be inspired to get things done.

Channelkit – A beautiful way to file your pileChannelkit is a web tool that lets you collect and organize links, images, pdfs, notes into a visual web knowledge base. Some use case examples: – Designer putting together project references and links to the best studios. – A an art curator… Continue Reading A beautiful way to file your pile

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