Features, Benefits, Product Strengths
Project and Task Management – Taskworld allows users to create and organize projects in a quick and easy way. Users can use tasklists to create their own workflow with a kanban board. In fact, they can simply drag and drop items as they manage work across different stages and priorities. The application enables users to create tasks, assign them and set due dates. Colored labels and tags also add to the overall clarity for and accountability of the team. Moreover, they can set repetitive tasks and use comments to share information about progress.

Enterprise Messaging, Data Analytics – The task management application includes a built-in enterprise messaging system. In general, individual members can chat with the whole team through public channels or to specific individuals through private groups. Project chat allows discussion with all members in real-time as needed, thereby minimizing the need for meetings. Also, users can reply via email and use @mentions to get someone’s attention. The application also provides an accurate and complete snapshot of the project or workplace. Project analytics can show critical areas. It has a burn-down/burn-up chart, calendar view and filters.

Mobile Apps, Email Notifications, Image Previews and more – Taskworld task management system is available on the iOS and Android platforms. Users can get email notifications about updates even when not logged in the application. They can attach images and preview them in high resolution. Furthermore, a drag-and drop document management system allows for easy file attachment. A powerful global search helps to find anything in the workspace. It can also accommodate a directory and project groups for large enterprises.

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