Duvora (http://duvora.com) –  Duvora® is the real estate technology engine that intelligently connects buyers, sellers and agents together, creating potential deal matches in seconds. Home Sellers benefit from having direct access to our searchable buyer database. Pre-qualified home buyers are matched to your home based on their style preferences, community needs and… Continue Reading Duvora – We Connect Everything Real Estate

FitMyLife Health Analytics – FitMyLife is the ultimate way to understand your health, and the most innovative fitness app available. FitMyLife Health Analytics (http://www.fitmylife.net/) –  FitMyLife is about to launch a mobile application that will revolutionize the fitness industry. Not only do we keep track of your nutrition and fitness information, but… Continue Reading FitMyLife is the ultimate way to understand your health, and the most innovative fitness app available.

GestureLogic is developing an intelligent wearable fitness technology that directly monitors muscle and other anatomic activity. Their technology measures true muscle output; a fundamentally revolutionary capability in wearable fitness technology. Their product provides users with real-time actionable feedback that anyone can make sense of regardless of skill level. http://www.gesturelogic.com/#index

IS3D believes successful scientists solve real-world problems, and students need to experience this first hand. Their ethos is that: problem solving is a skill, skills can be honed through practice, and the key to solving science problems is mastery of the scientific practices that comprise the scientific method. IS3D is… Continue Reading IS3D

Virta Labs delivers malware and anomaly detection on medical devices and process control systems by non-intrusively measuring the power consumption patterns of the machines being protected.  The increasing reliance on commodity operating systems for modern devices has also opened the attack surface, leaving many devices vulnerable to a garden variety… Continue Reading Virta Labs

Ziena provides optimization software and solutions based on expertise in optimization algorithms, computational methods, optimization problem modeling, and software integration. Company products include nonlinear solver software; KNITRO®. Analysis in Progress www.ziena.com

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