Tecla – Hiring market place to find top remote engineers

Tecla is a hiring marketplace of 3,000+ remote engineers (and growing) specifically designed for companies open to/interested in hiring remote talent from around the world.

Our platform takes our client’s job openings and uses recommendation algorithms and human expertise to match companies with the right remote candidates for their job openings.

So far, we’ve worked with companies like Miller, Roche, Mercedes-Benz, and Y Combinator-backed startups, helping them source, recruit, and directly hire the best software engineers, designers, and data scientists from across the globe!

Data shows that increasingly more tech companies are open to hiring the right full-time engineer, designer, or data scientist even if he or she lives across the world.

We believe that if you’re hiring remote employees, then they need to be recruited, hired, and integrated as full-time team members; As a core part of the team. Not as hired hands that simply provide you with a service.

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