Telecoms Supermarket UK has now launched its Indian platform on 17.01.17, which is India’s First live Telecoms Comparison Platform. Telecoms Supermarket India is to add to PM NarendraModi’s Digital India initiative.
What is Telecoms Supermarket India?
Telecoms Supermarket India is one of its exclusive and India’s First Telecoms Comparison Platform. This will enable user to not only search and compare plans but also place an order directly and save time and money.

What can one buy on Telecoms Supermarket India?
One can search, compare, buy and save anything in Telecoms. From Broadband to Leased line; MPLS solution to IP WAN solution; Pre-paid to Post-paid Mobile plans; Data card plans to Wireless Hotspot plans; Mobile phones to Phone systems; VoIP phone system to Call center solutions, etc. The list goes on.

Who can buy on Telecoms Supermarket India?
Telecoms Supermarket India caters all its services from an individual to Business; SME to Corporates; Startups to Multi-nationals. Telecoms Supermarket India can also offer services in UK, US and Europe for Indian Businesses expanding into western markets.

Advantages of buying on Telecoms Supermarket India?
Telecoms Supermarket India is Telecoms Comparison engine. One can search for any telecom service; compare different plans/offers and order service. This saves time, effort and money.
In a typical situation at the minute, if one has to buy a broadband service, one will either go by recommendation of a friend or family or will visit different ISP’s to compare their offers. Telecoms Supermarket India will eliminate all hard work and you can compare and buy from comfort of your home or office.

Telecoms Supermarket India supporting Digital India
Telecoms Supermarket India is supporting Digital India initiative. We understand businesses as how frustrating it is to take payment via any e-wallet when the data signal is not strong or one is in black spot.
Telecoms Supermarket India can also advise on network configuration, supporting plan and gateway implementation to shops and businesses of all sizes that want to convert their business to Cashless.

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