Temboo – A software toolkit empowering everyone to innovate with IoT, APIs, & Emerging Tech.

Temboo is the software toolkit that enhances any engineering task. Our software enables any type of engineer (mechanical, civil, chemical, factory, computer science, and more) to build and run internet-enabled automated systems. Customers use Temboo to connect any type of hardware to any cloud service – this interoperability simplifies retrofitting existing equipment and systems. Temboo auto-generates editable software code for engineers that enables these interconnections. Generated code is production-ready and optimized for your hardware. Temboo handles the “last mile” for linking sensor data to the cloud, enabling just-in-time data delivery from machine-automated systems for storage, visualization, and analysis.

From industries like aviation to food manufacturing, data centers to agriculture, companies across all industries, all over the world, are undergoing a digital transformation like nothing we’ve seen before. Known as Manufacturing 4.0 or the 4th industrial revolution, spending on internet-connected systems by businesses is expected to reach $832 Billion in 2020. In fact, manufacturing dominates the growth of IoT network connections in the last year, growing by 84%. While Alexa and Siri get more ink in the press, industrial IoT helps businesses turn red ink black–eliminating waste and inefficiencies while opening new revenue opportunities.

A reliance on expensive IoT solutions has kept many small to medium sized businesses out of the loop when it comes to technologies like operational sensing, situational awareness, and machine learning. Temboo, a software toolkit launched by entrepreneur Trisala Chandaria, is part of a movement to democratize IoT technology by enabling the digital transformation seen at large companies to reach businesses who have never had access to it before.

Temboo’s software toolkit is already being used around the world to help businesses in multiple industries operate more safely, efficiently, and with less waste. Hashim Kahily, a plant engineer at Monginis Foods says, “It’s simply superb how Temboo makes it so easy to implement IoT in any organization,” and Fast Company calls Temboo “one of those rare developer tools which could quickly become invaluable to app builders.” In the IoT software market, Temboo is slated to disrupt the status quo with our innovative, easy-to-use, and inexpensive solution.


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