TEXTiUM is the optimal lead generating platform for the direct marketing industry sending personalized precision text messages to consumers who respond to direct mail pieces.

TEXTiUM (https://textium.com) –  TEXTiUM can be used for any direct mail campaign by any business in any industry. Applicable industries include automotive, real estate, mortgage lending, banking, financial services, insurance, education, professional service providers, health care and not-for-profit organizations.

TEXTiUM does not design, print or sell direct mail. The technology is to be used and integrated with direct marketing campaigns.

Advertisers target specific customers with a unique offer or message using a direct mail piece. When the consumer uses a text to respond to the direct mail offer, they receive a personalized reply created specifically for them. As the consumer responds, TEXTiUM acquires their mobile phone number that is combined with other pertinent data and instantly forwarded to the advertiser as a qualified lead.

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