Paraphrase Online is the most innovative and user friendly paraphrasing tool on the web. It allows you to rewrite essays and articles, phrases, sentences and single words in no time. You can also remix textual content for a website, blog, business document, or whatever you need.
How it works:

1. Type or paste in your content into the “Text before” area. It can contain up to 1000 characters.

2. Click “Paraphrase!” button and wait a moment. Be aware: processing time may take longer, depending on the length of the entered text.

3. Your rewritten content will appear in “Text after” area.

4. If you’re unhappy withe the results, you can change any synonym by clicking it and choosing new from the list, or you can edit it by yourself.

We think that it’s very useful software for teachers, students, writers, bloggers, SEO workers or anyone, who needs a fresh tool to help with creative writing.

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