Netlodge allows startup thought leaders to promote their exclusive videos to our targeted audience.
Netlodge was started on April 1st of 2014 when the founder, Yan Gorshtenin was on 14, now he is 16 years young and still innovating with Netlodge and changing the way startups grow. Netlodge has been in the top 5 of ProductHunt twice for both version released, featured in many newspaper ranging from the US to Europe, not only does Netlodge save hundreds of dollars for startups, but anyone can create, collect and share what you love about startups

We have a growth incentive, startups gain growth from posting their content on Netlodge instead of paying hundreds to Marketing firms.

We set the bar extremely high. It’s not enough to share amazing content. We want startups to transform the daily lives of other entrepreneurs and startups on Netlodge.

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