In their continuous successful efforts to drive entrepreneurship across India, GHV Accelerator, in partnership with NASSCOM 10,000 startups is doing a roadshow “The Next Wave” , to bring in front the startups in tier 2 cities which has seen rising traction recently, nurtured a number of well known startups and has also showcased a plethora of innovation and skills. As India’s regional governments have also recognized the importance of entrepreneurship, it seems certain that India’s startups will begin to flock to these tier two cities and rising metros, spreading the wealth and innovation across the country in the years and decades to come.

“The Next Wave” is looking forward to meet successful entrepreneurs and growth stage startups in Jaipur to identify and connect enterprise ready startups to right set of corporate audience for partnerships / business exploration , Investment opportunities

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About GHV – GHV Accelerator stands for Green House Ventures Accelerator. Green House is a controlled environment where accelerated growth of plants help to increase the yield of the plants even in non-seasonal phase. On the lines of Green House, GHV Accelerator will be providing Startups with a controlled environment, optimized & appropriate resources, along with sustainability funding, helping them to grow multifold in a shorter timeframe. This enables greater control over the growing environment of ventures

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