Overview of Ubii
A revolutionary new way to connects consumers to the service industry is about to hit the market. Ubii.com connects Service Seekers, on-demand, with any and all Service Providers (Ubiipreneurs).

At no cost to the Service Seeker, Ubii lets you connect to the Ubiipreneur of your choice. Instead of answering endless questions and being given an unknown service provider, users can review a professional’s ratings, licenses, pricing, work hours, pictures and even videos of their work before selecting one that is nearby and ready to #get2work.

Ubii anticipates covering more than 3000 categories in the next few months and has started building up the network of Ubiipreneurs and Service Seekers. Our goal of establishing a robust product experience complemented by our business model that is unique in the space.

Ubii – any service with a 🙂

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