Founded in 2014, Velostrata provides software solutions that give enterprises cloud workload mobility. Velostrata’s founders realized that many of the issues that kept enterprises from adopting public cloud for production workloads centered around the risk, cost, time, and complexity of migrating storage. So, they asked the fundamental question, “why not decouple compute from storage?” And so was born the only company that can move production workloads to and from the cloud in minutes, instead of months, without the risk. Velostrata’s patent pending technology gives companies the freedom to move enterprise workloads to, from and around the cloud. Velostrata software brings unprecedented simplicity to organizations that want to extend their data centers to the cloud by removing complexity, reducing risk and speeding migration. Velostrata continues to innovate and eliminate the migration risks once associated with enterprise adoption of hybrid and public cloud computing. With Velostrata’s agentless solution, there is no need to modify workload images or manage lengthy replications and complex cutover processes. Companies deploy Velostrata to automate, accelerate and de-risk their use of the cloud. Applications can be migrated to and from the public cloud in minutes, regardless of the size of the image or data virtual disks, with a simple cutover and consistency. In 2017 Velostrata announced availability in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, giving Azure customers easy access to Velostrata’s cloud workload mobility software, enabling them to speed and simplify use cases like cloud migration, bursting, and dev/test. Velostrata’s patent-pending workload streaming technology makes it possible to move or clone on-premises workloads into Azure within a matter of minutes, instead of the days or weeks required with traditional cloud migration too

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