Venafi invented the technology that protects machine identities from access, forgery and theft by bad guys. Humans use usernames and passwords as identities in the cyberworld. Machines don’t use user names and passwords, they use machine identities. Companies and government spend about $8B a year protecting user names and passwords and still very little protecting machine identities. It is incredibly important to protect machine identities because enterprises rely on an exploding number of machine identities to secure communications between the machines on their networks used for every aspect of commerce, computing, and mobility. Cyber attackers are using compromised or forged machine identities, which are made up of keys and certificates, to break into private, encrypted communication so they can eavesdrop on sensitive digital communications, create their own encrypted tunnels on enterprise networks to hide malicious activities, install malware and remove sensitive data while remaini Venafi Threat Center provides awareness and insight related to the attack on trust keys and certificates. Recognized as a security industry leader, the Venafi Threat Center is the first step toward Next-Generation Trust Protection. Venafi Threat Center provides organizations with the information and tools required to mitigate trust-based attacks, helping them learn about gaps in enterprise security strategies to trust-based attacks, evaluate their security posture for the entire organization’s public-facing SSL footprint, and learn how to defend the organization from known trust-based vulnerabilities. Unlike SSL/TLS vulnerability scanners that only scan one domain, Venafi Labs Vulnerability Report identifies the most egregious SSL/TLS vulnerabilities for companies’ entire publicly-facing certificate landscape. In 2016 Venafi added support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services. For the first time ever, Global 5000 organizations have an enterprise-class cryptographic key and digital certificate provisioning solution to protect their cloud services. Delivered through a fast, automated security platform, Venafi’s integration with AWS Certificate Manager, AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and AWS CloudFront is the industry’s first and only patented solution to provide full, enterprise-wide visibility, control and automation for both Amazon certificates and other third-party issued certificates.

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