VGMLITE – VGM Lite is a world smallest internet mobile browser application made with Fast Small and Powerful and secure browsing

VGMLITE  –  This story is about a 20-year-old young man who is known for being extremely self-centered, fast-paced and hard-working people. Growing up in the middle-class family of a small town, Varanasi, this person, on the basis of his abilities, considered everyone to be irreconcilable in the Indian internet world, and after leaving the middle of his studies he stepped into the business world and established a company of millions of rupees. . This person, who separates himself from the Indian startup ‘Bad Boy’, ‘Net Virus’ and others, has repeatedly made headlines about resigning from his own company and then distributing millions of rupees between staff and partner. Yes.Yes we are talking about the former Founder and CEO of Cyber ​​Security website, about Mrityunjay Singh. In the middle of a middle-class family in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh, the rising number of rebirths was very fast in childhood. After completing schooling, they got admitted in Raipur to teach hacking in 2015. Master in the ability to lead, MurthyjayM also worked in the Police Department., which he had created for the hackers, made it different and handed it over to his brother. In the college, he started an online portal named ‘One’, where local numbers were made available. One portal portal for binary edu. The official archive was created, however, as soon as he got the notice to close it, Mrityanjay decided to leave the college. After leaving college, he started working on an idea by taking a loan of Rs 1800 from his father, who later went for a million tour. After leaving the college, he had to face a lot of difficulty in finding a house in Raipur. And in the absence of money without eating it for 2 days. Having a problem finding the house, he got an idea in his mind. He started working on his idea and in 2017 he established a VGM Light browser app and Toofyhub social networking website. Which became the smallest social networking site in the world, the smallest mobile browser and Toofyhub in the world, whose size was only 100 KB, which was downloaded more than 10 thousand in a month, then they did not look back. This idea proved to be very effective, during this time their startup was selected for the “Startup Tour UP Edition 2017 – 2018”, which was given by Duryodhana for that startup event The won and became the first winner of the state edition. After a few days, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park gave their startup space in India’s top 3000 startups. And within a few days they started earning one to two lakh rupees every month. After initial success Mrityanjay Singh decided to spread it across the country. There were other apps at that time but the better features of VGM Lite and Toofyhub attracted people and overtaking other apps within 4 months while moving ahead. However, gradually the valuation of the company exceeded Rs 50 lakh by attracting investors and customers. Their app was liked in other countries too. Toofyhub will soon be launching its new version to stop Facebook, in which we will be able to do shopping online at home, as well as watching live movies and blogging. In the new feature of Toofyhub bringing its own system to knock out Petroleum and Make My Trip and My Show. And with this, Toofyhub will be the world’s first messaging app that will provide all these features with chatting. The growing success of the company’s day-to-day success saw the death of Mrityunjay Singh as an emerging star of the corporate world. Mrityunjay Singh, who gave the investment of 2 million to the company within 4 months on his own strength.
If there was a shortage of funds for making Toofyhub dead, then at the same time, he met Rajesh, a civil engineer from Mumbai, Rajesh liked his idea very much and immediately issued an investment in the company of Mrityunjay to make Toofyhub. for . Rajesh is a cofounder member of Toofyhub and he is 50 years old.
Mrityunjay Singh is not an admirer of any introduction today. Many of the article have come on yourstory.

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