Vidcode, co-founded by Leandra Tejedor and Melissa Halfon, got its start as a Startup Weekend hackathon project in early 2014. They won the competition, and went on from there to make their winning idea a business reality. Vidcode officially launched a year after the hackathon, with a Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising the funding needed to build out the full product. Vidcode is online interactive software that brings the power of hacking videos with code to teens. Users can upload Instagram videos, learn to program video effects, and share the final creation with their friends. Early success has led to interest on the part of many established organizations and services, such as Snapchat. Vidcode is also working with the Girl Scouts of Greater New York to build a coding program for middle school, as well as with other organizations like Intel Education and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. Vidcode’s learning curve is primarily based on teaching Javascript in a fun, game-like way. The app’s state-of-the-art interface teaches the Javascript coding language through lessons built around creative art projects. Once viewed as a sophisticated and difficult tech language to comprehend, Javascript is instantly demystified by Vidcode’s unique program initiatives – creating video filters, JavaScript libraries, and HTML5 to control how each user’s video will look. By playfully creating music videos, short animation clips, and movie special effects, kids and adults alike instantly pick up the skills needed to learn sophisticated coding practices. As an education tool, students quickly learn such necessities as variables, arrays, and various application functions, while retaining the advanced information due to Vidcode’s almost video-game like appeal.

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