Vietnam Communications Corporation is a Vietnam-based IT and communications company. The company offers online service modules including a search engine, a classified advertising platform, a flash-game hub, and a karaoke website. They also produce online games, online retail, entertainment, telephone and mobile interaction services. They are a leading provider of online content, e-commerce, social media, ad networks and value-added services. Their combined offering makes them the largest provider of online and mobile services in Vietnam. Their online portals are leaders in their markets. Sites include Kenh14, Afamily, GameK, Soha, CafeF, Muachung, Muare, Rongbay, Enbac, Sohaphim, Sohatv, Sannhac, Admicro. They are continually working to keep their site design and content current, and have recruited some of the most talented developers and multimedia producers in Vietnam. Their priority is providing easy access to information, clear navigation, in an entertaining and attractive format. The sites they make are popular and frequently listed in the top 100 most visited in Vietnam.

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