Vizzlo is an online service to create professionally designed charts, graphics, andbusiness visualizations in just a few seconds. Preparing high-quality visual aids for
presentations can be time intensive, and results are usually not satisfactory. Vizzlo
helps you to save time and to convey your message professionally. It is very easy to
use, and there is no need to have a previous training on the platform.
We have a broad portfolio with the most relevant charts (timelines, Gantt-chart,
milestones plans, waterfall-chart, etc.) that will help you to communicate your ideas
successfully. The charts are easy to share, and you can integrate them seamlessly into
your presentations and documents by drag and drop.
A free version offers all charts with beautiful pre-designed templates. The subscription
plans (starting at $11/month) enable branding and customization, teamwork and
adjustments of privacy settings, making presentations compliant to corporate design
guidelines and ensuring branding consistency.

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