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Voolsy Screen

– Any popular brand spends worth a marketing budget on TV and digital display screens but the story does not end here. The biggest juggle in using the giant screens is handling them to push the marketing content.

While a lot of effort is made in getting the promotions to the point to make a statement, another concern that is faced is getting it displayed at the right time on the right screen.

Here comes Voolsy Screen, an ultimate digital screen management software that lets you push your marketing content on multiple screens on the go !!

Voolsy Screen is a cloud based most intuitive and dynamic digital signage to manage your multimedia content for multiple screens. Be it a retail, corporate, educational event or any promotional event for that matter, our digital signage system helps you manage digital content of your brand with ease.

How to use?
1. Upload
Drag your files (Images, videos or HTML) to console

2. Schedule
Plan ahead. Create your scheduler with various content.

3. Publish
Push your content straight to the screen. No matter what part of world your screen is in.


• Upload your digital content and publish it straight to TV
• Intuitive & dynamic console to manage content
• Images, videos or HTML we have covered everything
• Content keeps playing even without Internet
• Flexible scheduling or rescheduling content

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