Waitwhile – Waitwhile is a smart waitlist and scheduling platform that helps organizations bust their lines and create awesome wait experiences.

Waitwhile – Waitwhile solves all aspects of queuing – from letting guests check in online, showing wait times and keeping everyone informed via SMS and email. Plus, a powerful API to integrate with. Forever free to use for 100 guests per month.

Features include:
Easy to use waitlist – Manage your waitlist on any device, even without WiFi.
Smart messaging – Keep customers informed about their place in line via SMS and emails.
Check-in kiosk – Let customers sign up to your waitlist – online or in your store.
TV screen waitlist – Show your waitlist on the big screen to keep everyone informed
Customer insights – Capture all your customer visits automatically. Send campaign to frequent visitors or re-engage old ones.
Online scheduling – Let customers schedule bookings and sync appointments with waitlist automatically.
Wait time & analytics – Get accurate wait times and learn about your visit trends to improve your operations.
API and integrations – Build with our flexible API or use ready-made integrations with 1000+ services.


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