WeLunch – Eat well, work better.

That’s Danish for about us. Why? Because WeLunch originates from Denmark; our sister company there is called Frokost, meaning lunch – which means breakfast in Swedish, but thats another story entirely.

The world was at this startup’s feet – fast forward ten years and over two million lunches have since been served to approximately 600 clients in Denmark. Frokost saw that the Dutch offices, too, could do with an upgrade. The winning ingredients – varied, wam and prepared with love by the best local caterers – are the key to improved performance, content colleagues, and a shared and cherished moment together.

We shared this vision with Frokost, and decided to join forces. And just as Frokost, WeLunch likes to add just one more ingredient to the mix: de utmost personal attention to our clients. That is how WeLunch feeds innovation.

Eat well, work better. http://welunch.nl

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