WhoKnows helps companies automatically derive expertise and professional relationships for every employee. With the data they derive, they contextually recommend the right colleague at the right time in all search engines and web apps. They are leading the revolution in Predictive Talent Analytics including the discovery and capture of reliable data on tacit and explicit knowledge plus actionable insight on answering these questions: Who knows what? Who knows how? Why? And who knows who? The result: smarter faster collaboration, productivity, workforce planning, staffing and as a result, increased overall ROI. In 2015 they were selected as a Red Herring Top 100 North America Winner.

The WhoKnows family of products and services pulls together disparate information about employees, then organizes and mines it for connections to useful skills, then makes those connections visible and available as a knowledge resource to the company. The WhoKnows Discovery Engine analyzes team members’ work and derives expertise and relationships for them.

The WhoKnows Smart Layer browser plug-in provides recommendations of peers who have appropriate subject matter expertise or connections to those that do. The entire ecosystem increases a company’s capacity to achieve their goals, helping the company make the most of their employees’ experience and abilities.


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