Wrisk – A mobile-first insurance company

Wrisk   https://www.wrisk.co/  –  Wrisk is a smartphone app for insurance. A few taps and you are covered immediately. We are starting with contents insurance, for goods such as your iPhone and laptop, and will soon add cover for your car, health, home and more.

At Wrisk, we have redesigned insurance. Our aim is to make getting insurance as easy as possible, for as many as possible. Which is why we’ve designed Wrisk from the ground up – to deliver cover that’s simple and personal to you. All in a single app.

Most people deal with their insurance once a year, if at all, even though things change all the time. Wrisk is different. Our simple, flexible and transparent approach lets you get the cover you need in a matter of minutes. Know exactly what’s covered with clear and fair pricing. It’s also easy to make changes anytime, anywhere, for free.

You’ll be given a unique Wrisk Score to help you understand your risk. The more information you provide, the more accurate the score becomes, empowering you to get a better score and reduce your premium.

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